The Top 5 must-haves for your next skiing holiday

Skiing is a popular pastime that can be enjoyed by the whole family, which is why skiing holidays are so popular! There is a problem though, with the amount of equipment is available to buy! The most common problem with this is having all the gear and absolutely no idea! It’s important to research where you’re going because some resorts will allow you to hire skiing equipment there, meaning you have to take less. This is great because it means you don’t have to pack so much, but there are a few recommendations of what you should invest in and take when going Skiing. Obviously, wherever you are going skiing it will be cold so that is why having the right gear is so important especially if you were thinking of going to a place like Antarctica, if you need some help in preparing for your crossing of the Drake Passage to Antarctica, check out this helpful guide by The Explorer’s Passage so you can be prepared for your trip.

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Snow Goggles

Snow goggles are an absolute must when you’re going on a skiing holiday. They’re one of those items that you can hire BUT it is better to have your own. Your ski goggles will either be your best friend or your worst nightmare when you’re on holiday skiing. There’s no real in-between.  This is because if you invest in a good pair they aren’t going to scratch easily, they’re not going to break easily and they’re going to have a nice tight fit around your helmet. If you decide to rent ski goggles you will probably regret your decision, almost immediately, therefore it’s important to do your research and get the pair that’s going to suit your needs the most.

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Now, this may seem pretty obvious, however, you must pick and choose what you’re going to buy and take with you and what you’re going to rent out there. Skiing clothing can be very bulky items which may result in you having to pay for extra luggage on flights. The main items you need to remember to pack are your thermals. These are the items that are closest to your skin.  Trousers and coats are sometimes provided with a small charge from your ski resort, and most people would be happy to use generic jackets and trousers. However, some people can still feel uncomfortable using second-hand clothes, which is understandable, just make sure if you are going to take your own external clothes that they are able to be packed compactly to reduce wasting package space.

Waterproof gloves

These items are not just for skiing holidays, but you should have them in the house for snow days. There is nothing worse than wearing cotton gloves and then having itchy cold hands because they’ve got wet. Waterproof gloves can be picked up inexpensively from most outdoor adventure clothing shops or online. 

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You may think ‘I’ve got goggles I don’t need sunglasses, but when your goggles come off and your sun protection has gone with them you will need sunglasses! The glare of the sun from the ice and snow can be very powerful, so when you take your goggles off you need that eye protection. 


This will be your lifesaver when skiing. You need a sturdy waterproof backpack that is big enough to pack a day’s worth of additional clothing, water, and food for emergencies. You can get many different skiing backpacks with different safety features and depending on where and how you want to go skiing will depend on what type of backpack is best for you.

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